Quanta Physics World  May 2018

For the record

Our pick of the best recent quotes and comments

I think this was just an example of how not to do business

Sean O’Keefe from Syracuse University quoted in the Times

O’Keefe, a former NASA administrator, was commenting on the uncontrolled re-entry of the Chinese space station Tiangong-1, which crashed in the Pacific early last month.

We’re caught up in a sort of no man’s land because of these technicalities

Graham Peters, chairman of the trade association UKspace, quoted by Reuters

Peters says that Britain is already losing work on the EU’s Galileo satellite programme as European consortia are starting to form without UK companies when bidding for new contracts.

The art is a symbol of how he touched lives in the city and instilled a sense of pride in its residents

David Sechur, senior bursar at the University of Cambridge’s Gonville and Caius College, quoted by the BBC

Sechur was commenting on a mural that has appeared on a Cambridge bridge in tribute to the late Stephen Hawking.

This result plants a flag

Leslie Rosenberg from the University of Washington quoted in Symmetry

Rosenberg was commenting on the latest results of the Axion Dark Matter Experiment, which recently showed that it had achieved the necessary sensitivity to detect axions – candidate dark-matter particles.

I am a scientist. I am often wrong, and that’s okay

Optical physicist Paulina Kuo from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, writing on the lab’s blog

Kuo says that being wrong is part of the process of doing science, but the trick is catching errors before they “leave the lab”.

It’s a nanomaterial solution to solve a chemistry problem

Materials scientist Jiaxing Huang from Northwestern University quoted in the New York Times

Huang and colleagues have discovered that a solution containing graphene could make a successful hair dye, which stayed on even after 30 washes.