Quanta Physics World  January 2018

For the record

Our pick of the best recent quotes and comments

I suspect he’s a little bit jealous

2017 Nobel laureate Kip Thorne quoted in the LA Times

Thorne, who bagged a share of last year’s Nobel Prize for Physics, says that Stephen Hawking might bear a little grudge next time he sees him.

When I was younger I always thought the next thing I did might be the best thing in my life. At this point in life I’m less persuaded of that

Princeton University physicist Ed Witten quoted in Quanta

Witten says that if he wastes time reading somebody’s essay, it doesn’t seem that bad.

No deal will be catastrophic. Our premier league science will be relegated to the second division

University of Manchester physicist and Nobel laureate Andre Geim speaking on This Week

Geim was speaking about the UK leaving the European Union, about which he says he is shocked by the “absence of elementary logic on both sides of the debate”.

There’s this thing called physics, which is this scientific method that’s really quite effective for figuring out the truth

Former physicist Elon Musk, founder of Space X, quoted in Rolling Stone

Musk says that people form conclusions based on what others are doing and thinking, and ignore counterarguments.

If we can avoid doing something stupid over the next 10–20 years then we secure our future effectively forever

Brian Cox quoted in the South China Morning Post

Cox expects humans to become a space-faring civilization within the next couple of decades as long as we can avoid potential catastrophes such as “having a war in the Pacific”.

At the time, I listened to him and wondered what this guy might have smoked

Etienne Schneider, deputy prime minister of Luxembourg, quoted in the New York Times

Schneider was reminiscing about the time he met Pete Worden, then director of NASA’s Ames Research Center in California, who suggested that Luxembourg look into asteroid mining.