Quanta Physics World  December 2017

For the record

Our pick of the best recent quotes and comments

It’s a very fragile thing…and you have gone to look at it from the eyes of God

Pope Francis speaking to astronauts aboard the International Space Station

Francis became the second pontiff – after Pope Benedict – to phone the ISS, in which he noted that the Earth is “too fragile and it passes in a moment”.

The psychological effect [is] definitely a challenge

Retired astronaut Scott Kelly quoted in the Guardian

Kelly, who recently spent 11 months on the International Space Station, says it was hard to come back to Earth and lead a normal life having been in a controlled environment for a year and being told what to do on a daily basis.

The supercollider will be a beacon of freedom

CERN physicist Peter Jenni quoted in Foreign Policy

China is planning a huge circular collider that would have a circumference of around 55 km, yet some have raised concerns about how international the project will be.

Maybe we were extra anxious with the first child, as parents. But we relax a bit as more children come along

Astrobiologist Charles Lineweaver from the Australian National University quoted in Nature

India is building a successor to Chandrayaan-1 – the country’s first Moon mission that launched in 2008 – which will include a lunar lander.

A lot of the science I put in the books is set-decoration rather than anything deeper

English author Philip Pullman quoted in the Observer

Pullman, the brains behind the His Dark Materials trilogy, says that his knowledge of science is “paper-thin” despite concepts such as dark matter and the multiverse appearing in the books.

I’m still an experimental person – there’s physics and chemistry as well

Vancouver-based physicist James Hoyland from Kwantlen Polytechnic University quoted in Metro

Hoyland, who is competing on The Great Canadian Baking Show that premiered last month on CBC, notes that there is some truth to the saying that “cooking is art but baking is science”.